U16s SQUAD - Greenock Wanderers RFC - Gallant Conference - 26th August 2018

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U16s SQUAD - Greenock Wanderers RFC - Gallant Conference - 26th August 2018


This weekend we start our Gallant Conference ‘A’ Fixtures with a trip down to Greenock to play Greenock Wanderers RFC.

We currently have a squad of 22(22 Max) for this fixture - if you aren’t available please lets us know ASAP as we will probably have a squad reserve list that we will be able to use. If you aren’t on the list and available please use the following link and fill in the form, you will be added to the squad reserve list. http://tinyurl.com/oyr79rz. Please keep an eye on the squad as it may change.

For the boys playing school rugby on Saturday I will require to know how many minutes you have played, can you let my know before 7pm on Saturday. If a player plays in a school conference game on a Saturday he will not be able to play for GHA on the Sunday, However if the school play a friendly on the Saturday the rule is - no more than 90minutes of rugby over a 48hrs period. For Example - one player plays 55mins for his school in a friendly on the Saturday - player one would be free to play a half(35mins) for GHA in our conference game on the Sunday. I have added a PDF to this post for you to see the club and school fixtures together.

Game Day Arrangements:
Kick Off 2:00pm
Please be at the Greenock Wanderers Rugby Club for 1:00pm.

Fort Matilda Playing Fields
Octavia Terrace
PA16 7PX

Rhys Wilson
Scott Carmichael
Matt Tollan
Jools Brown
Thomas Reid
Andrew Reid
James Dempster
Glen Little
Sam Faulds
Harry McKenzie
Gavin Tracey
Ali Noor Pagganwala
Kieran Baxter
Ollie Maher
Adam Deverill
Alastair McGilvray
Daniel Coll
Nathan Miller
Lien Brown
Daniel Mukulumani
Aaron Docherty
Sam McGlone

Seeya on Sunday