U16 Training sessions over the festive period.

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U16 Training sessions over the festive period.

Cress Maher
Hi folks,
Here are the training times and details for coming week and over the festive period.
It would help the coaches immensely if you could indicate as soon as possible the sessions your son is available for over the Christmas break.
You’ll have seen from Trevor’s post we have a few games early in the New year and given many of the players will also have pre lims at that time, the more they train over Xmas, the easier these games will feel for all of them..... it’ll also help with the selection boxes I’m sure!!

Wednesday 12th December: Training 6.30-8pm (Braidholm).

Sunday 16th December: Training (Braidholm).

Wednesday 19th December: Training 6.30-8pm (Braidholm).

Sunday 23rd December: Training (Braidholm).

Sunday 30th December: Training (Braidholm).

Sunday 6th January: Training (Braidholm).

As usual can I please ask that you respond ASAP using the usual link below to help the coaches plan.


Keep an eye on the website for any weather updates.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year.