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**Travel and Parking for Marr**

Mark McCracken

Evening All,

Please see below ravel and parking instructions for Sunday's visit to Marr.

Marr Rugby
Fullarton Park
Isle of Pin Road
Troon K10 7ER

Traveling to and Parking at Fullarton:

We are located on the outskirts of Troon. Isle of Pin Road is an unclassified narrow country road. It has no lane markings; is best described as narrow, in some places single track, and difficult to negotiate. Care, patience, courtesy and slow speed are all essential.
If travelling by car – please try to car share and aim to arrive and park early.

Car parking:

There is limited hard standing parking at the clubhouse. At times we will restrict and prioritise access to the main car park.
Please avoid parking on road and verges and respect the cones that identify no parking areas.
Hard standing parking is available nearby at Fullarton House – follow signs and directions.
In addition we will allow limited off road parking (grass) on identified areas behind top pitch and bottom pitch. If driving on grass please drive slowly and carefully in second or third gear to help avoid or at least minimise wheel spin. If you find yourself getting stuck please stop the car and seek help from the clubhouse.


Minis Convener