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Tournament Times

Mark McCracken
Evening Everyone,

The Big Day is nearly here and a few people have been asking for times etc.

I will leave times for team arrival to the Managers and Coaches to communicate.

For drop off and volunteers I would suggest the following:

10:00 - 10:30 - Packed Lunch/Tombola/Cake/Kit Stand Drop Off (We need time to sort the lunches for teams arriving at 11:15)

10:30 - Programme/Ticket Sales

11:00 - Scorers/First Aid

11:15 - Team Registration

12:00 - KICK OFF

16:00 Close/Dismantle/Tidy (If it all goes to plan)

Parking has been arranged by the Rod Jenkins relevant team and will be communicated by them.

We will have staff and myself on site from earlier if anyone wants to help build and place gazebos, all are welcome !!

Any questions please let me know.

Thanks to you all,