S2 SQUAD - Dunfermline RFC - HOME - 4th November 2016

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S2 SQUAD - Dunfermline RFC - HOME - 4th November 2016

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S2 SQUAD - Dunfermline RFC - HOME - 4th November 2016

This weeks fixture is a Home game against Dunfermline RFC in the SRU Club Youth Green Conference for Season 2016/17

We currently have a squad of 22(Max squad of 22 for Conference games) with 2 players listed as reserves/standbys(In recent weeks we have had up to 5 injuries/call off/no shows so we want all the reserves/standbys to turn up on Sunday) for the HOME fixture against Dunfermline RFC, if you aren’t on the list and available please use the following link and fill in the form and you will be added to the reserve/standby list.

All Game Day Arrangements are as per Cress’s post

Toby Devenish
Jacob Peacock
James Dolan
Ewan Mcgibbon
Glen Little
Gavin Tracey
Scott Carmichael
Devun O'Shea
Lorenzo Angiolillo
Bobbie Gillespie
Alex Hannah
Lien Brown
Harrison Peek
Charlie Donaldson
Jamie McEntegart
Gregor Adams
Sam McGlone
Daniel Chernick
Ollie Maher
Alex Kayne
Harry McKenzie
Jools Brown

Reserve/Stand By
Jude Taylor

Seeya on Sunday