P7 Sunday 21 May Tournament Update

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P7 Sunday 21 May Tournament Update

carlo ventisei
Dear All
Please note that LUNCHES SHOULD BE DELIVERED between 10 – 10.30 on Sunday morning with players meeting in changing room at 11am to be warmed up and ready for a midday start.

5 packed lunches, each one contained in it's own bag containing:1 carton juice,2 sandwiches or 1 roll  (Mix of Ham and Cheese) PLEASE MARK WHICH IS CONTAINED
1 Pack of crisps, 1 snack bar

If you haven't yet volunteered to help and wish to do so then please RESPOND NOW . There are always lots of jobs to do and the more folk volunteer the less time each person has to spend doing it and the more time they can spend watching the kids play rugby !

Re Volunteers  who have been allocated the following tasks.

Medical Volunteers

Runners bringing scores to the tent will be :
Declan Collins, Jake Gibson and Grace Inglis – OTHER SIBLINGS  (or energetic adults) ABLE TO HELP OUT WOULD BE USEFUL as there is a lot of ground to cover.

Scoring tent will be organised by Craig Collins helped by :
Craig McCormick
Steve McDonald
Ian Gibson
Susan Young
Fiona Daly

Second hand kit stall will be organised by Joan helped by :
Vicki I
Sarah M
Judith R
Gillian S
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Re: P7 Sunday 21 May Tournament Update

Ailsa hill
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