P7 GHA Tournamnent - Parent volunteer schedule

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P7 GHA Tournamnent - Parent volunteer schedule

Cress Maher
Hi all,

Here is the schedule as listed via email. If you didn't get the email, please let me know and I can send it again. Apologies if I don't have your email, but send it over and I'll add it onto my group.

Cheers Cress

GHA Gate schedule

10.30am  Carol O'Shea (main gate) James Maher (Muirend gate)
                 Elizabeth Mitchell

11am   Cress Maher & Immie James Maher (Muirend gate)
           Wendy Little & Lois

11.30am    Lyn Carmichael & Mirren James Maher (Muirend gate)
                   John king

12pm     Colin Kennedy James Maher (Muirend gate)
               Fergus Adams
12.30pm. Roger Elgin (Lorenzo’s Family)
                 Rob (Archie's family.)

1pm     Clare Adams
             Olga Chernick

Match Scorers: Mel Grey

First Aider: Olga Chernick