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P1/P2 welcome back.

Richard Grant
Welcome back to all those who were with us last season and a warm welcome to all newcomers.  The weather was kind to us today, long may that continue.  Here's a couple of comments for the P1/P2 group.

At this level it is all about enjoyment and getting involved, it is non contact and focused on learning the basics through small games and simple drills, which we can build on in the years to come.  The priority is very much on keeping the players engaged and having fun.  The P1s will train from 1030 to 1130 and the P2s from 1030 to 1200.  As the season progresses there may be opportunity for P1s to stay on until 1200 if circumstances, weather and numbers permit, however until further notice the P1s will finish at 1130 and P2s at 1200.

In terms of kit, the only thing we insist on is that the players wear a gumshield.  Reasonably priced options are available from various sports shops and with a little trimming and moulding can easily be adapted to fit small mouths.  In current dry conditions, trainers are OK, however as the winter approaches boots with studs will become necessary.  Equally important will be keeping the players warm and dry.  Gloves with full fingers are preferable to fingerless, these along with a windproof / waterproof jacket will become essential.  Extra layers, trousers, jumpers, underarmour (other brands are available), hats, etc. may be required through the coldest period, but hopefully that is a few weeks away yet!  

GHA strips, although not essential at this stage, are available through PSL team sports via their shop in Hillington or their website http://www.pslteamsports.com.  

If anyone is interested in helping out, some have already shown interest, please contact me or come up and talk to us at training, we are always looking for people to help, regardless of experience.  As the players develop through the years there will be opportunities to develop your coaching skills accordingly.  Don't worry if you can't commit to every week, any help at all is welcome.  

Please can you make sure the players are registered as soon as possible so that we have accurate up to date details, we will be chasing up membership fees shortly.  Keep an eye on this noticeboard, any information and updates will be posted here.  

If you have any questions or comments, please either post them here for the community or email me at richard.grant@hotmail.co.uk.