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Coach to Dumfries

Pat Fisher
On Sunday, the S1 & S2 teams, coaches and parents will be sharing a coach. We have 45 seats for everyone.

Therefore it is crucially important that you post on Kurt's post, if you require a seat.

The club have agreed to subsidise the coach, and ask for £5 towards to cost from each passenger (inc players).  Please pay this to one of the coaches at time of boarding.

Be at the club at 10.00 am so we can get boarded and away by 10.30am at the latest.

Depending on player numbers for the two teams, we may not be able to accommodate all parents, however those already posted will have priority. I will confirm the passenger list on Saturday

Finally, as representatives of GHA, all players must arrive at GHA for boarding in a shirt & tie, so we arrive at Dumfries in team attire, and all players are to change post match. (Ties can be purchased from the club bar if you need one). There are no exceptions to this policy, which has been agreed by the coaches.